Q- Do we need to create the entire marketing plan in the first stage?

Nope. In the first stage all you have to do is provide us the specific elements of the marketing plan asked of you in the submission format. You would be detailing out the marketing plan in the second stage of the competition.

Q- Can we choose problems arising due to COVID outside the dimensions of Nutrition & Hygiene?

Your core problem should be related to these dimensions. However there could be certain peripheral problems that arise due to the core problem or exacerbate the core problem for example, education, etc. At times it might be important to also consider these peripheral problems as they affect our core issue. These peripheral problems could be outside the strict dimensions of Hygiene & Nutrition however your core problem should be related to Hygiene & Nutrition.

Q- Can we pick multiple problems? Can we pick up multiple target audiences?

We would suggest that you should try to pick a singular problem. Only if you feel that the problem is very clearly connected to other issues which also need to be addressed, should you focus on multiple problems.

Similarly your marketing plan will be sharper if you choose a clear & singular target audience. If the problem impacts multiple audiences that are very different from each other, try to find that one audience amongst them that is the biggest and the most lucrative.

Q- Can we suggest new product ideas to solve the problem?

While the focus is to solve the consumer problem through brilliant communication, if you do have a product innovation that is essential to the idea, you can suggest it as well. Remember though that you are going to be judged on how well you are able to market and communicate the idea rather than just the brilliance of the innovation idea alone.

Q- Can we use more data than given in the case?

Yes, please feel free to deep dive into primary research as well secondary research to help yourself.

Q- Do we need to submit all the background work that we’ll do including consumer interviews, surveys, secondary research etc.?

In the first stage all you need to submit is the submission format provided. You can mention your sources there in that format itself. Please do not hyperink any additional slides or data sheets.

Q- What can we suggest in the part ‘Amplify your communication’?

These could be contests, content collaborations, PR, associating with government initiatives, etc. Basically you could suggest anything that would help solve the problem and/or help this idea to reach out to the target audience effectively. You will get an opportunity to detail this out in the next stage, however here just try to briefly provide us a direction of what’s on your mind as far as making this idea big is concerned.

Q- Is it necessary to associate the solution of the problem to an HUL Brand? Can we choose multiple brands?

Yes, it is necessary that you show us how an HUL brand or the company itself will be in the midst of this communication. Only choose multiple brands if you believe there is a natural resonance amongst brands that will help solve this problem better.